Sunday, March 8, 2009

Women's day

Ladies, Happy International Women's Day!!! It's your day- enjoy & celebrate ;) Have a beautiful day ;)


Vivs said...

Happy Int'nl Women's Day too Nad!! =) Yeahh ka Jazz did mention about the KL trip (more like SB Retreat!!) sometime in June and meeting you & Mich there! =) I hope I will have enough savings by then hehehe! But if I do go, have to tag along my lil madam! kekke Hope there's a room for a tiny woman heheh

naddy said...

wuhoooo cant wait ;)anytg keep me updated ya :)

Edleen said...

Hello Nad!

how are you? hey Vivs!
maybe we can arrange a date to meet in KL in June eh? ;)

have a great week and hope to see more creations from you :)

naddy said...

Hello Ed!! Sureee do lemme knw if you're cmg ;) Looking fwd to tht :)

You have a grt week ahead too :) And yes, hope I'll be back scrapping soon ehehehe