Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Layout: Nadia(2)

I was browsing and saw this sketch at Pencilines...

And here is what I came up with... Just a simple one from me... Havent been doin much LO lately so my mojo kinda bluerghhh Why the title Nadia(2)? Coz her name the same with me except hers spelt as Nadya :)

Anyway tq for looking... And don't forget to check out Scrappingchix's Year End Sale! Sale up to 50% :)


Vivs said...

Its a gorgeous take Nad! Love your color combi and the photos! I guess we should scrap more multi photos LO yes? hehehe
Have a safe week ahead nad!!

naddy said...

hi vivs... tq :) i used to do multi photos LOs... tht time hard for me to do single photo LO ehehe I guess now trying to do mixture of both :)