Friday, November 28, 2008

ATC day

Yesterday went for ATC class... It was so much fun... Learned new techniques... I really enjoyed myself... To the teacher, tqvm ;)

After tht I went to Gardens.... Got some stuffs then just jalan2 a bit :) Yeah, me the ever lone ranger hehehe

Btw yesterday at the class made 6 ATCs and earlier in the mrng I made 7 ATCs... I loike... Played with utee... It was so much fun, minus the mess of coz :) But I already swap mine, so 2 left... I might do some more... Since the mess is still on the floor, might as well do a few more b4 I kemas kan ehehe

But I need to finish altering the cd first, for the CD swap... Ok lahh better continue with the cd. Later need to pick up parcel, must be the scarves I ordered...

Till next update ;)


Live it - Scrap it! said...

Nadia, it was fun to meet you. Great fun wasn't it and thank you for your ATC. Next time you have to pick one of mine. See us on my blog! Nilla

naddy said...

Hi Nilla, yup it was so much fun at the class the other day... Nice meeting you too :)