Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More for the album

Three more new LOs for my Perth album... Yes too many photos I wanna scrap so am not doin mini album for this, hence all 12x12 LO :)


Vivs said...

ohh nad! WTG babe! i really wish i got your energy and creative juices! those LOs aree absolutely fab!! love em all!
ive less energy lately and everytime wanted to start on one, ive gone blank! haha

n said...

hai vivs... hope u'll get ur MOJO back soon..

as for me, i simply do most of the time without much thinking ehehe most of my LO were spur of the moment kinda LO.. ehehe i dun really knw hw to plan properly for my LO... i just do, as long as I like it :)